RDB2RDF systems contain three main elements: sources(database), target(ontologies), and mappings. Once the mappings have been specified, users can exploit the systems, either by executing batch upgrade or posing SPARQL queries.

MappingPedia is a system that stores a collection of RDB2RDF mappings and their SPARQL queries. At the moment, the collection of MappingPedia consists of:

A user might take benefit of MappingPedia, for example to get some examples of how URIs generation is being defined, or how to generate ontologies based on database content whose follow certain patterns.

The more mappings MappingPedia has, the better the system serves the users. Thus, we encourage you to put your mappings at MappingPedia.
In order to have access to it, please contact Freddy Priyatna or Boris Villazón-Terrazas.

Enjoy MappingPedia
MappingPedia team